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Guidelines for Physical Therapy Program with Schrot’s Exercises for Adolescent with Scoliosis or Other Spinal Deformities

Introduction: Scoliosis is a complex structural deformity of the spine, in which there is an abnormal curvature of the vertebral column on all 3 spatial axes and chest as well as a disturbance of the sagittal profile. The primary aim of medical management of scoliosis is to stop curvature progression. The aim of our research was to evaluate the effect of Schrot`s exercises by adolescents on reduction of scoliosis curve and testing the possibility of our management plane in health system.

Materials and methods: There were treating 40 children in average 13 years old, and average of curve before treatment 24° with Schrot`s exercises one year. Treatment was following clinically and with X-ray picture, and its effect done with score.

Results: The reduction of curve was from 24° to 15°, the total score of positive effect was significant.

Discussion: We always have problem to organize exercises for patient with same spine deformity. The second problem of this treatment is, that every scoliosis patients have own natural history of curve, and effects of treatments are not same by each child.

Conclusion: Conservative treatment with exercises could be effective for scoliosis and it depends of natural history of curve. Schroth exercises treated spine tri dimensional and did not need special equipment, only specific education for diagnosis and evaluation of deformity and course for specific method of treatment.


Elizabeta Popova Ramova, Anastasika Poposka and Leonid Ramov

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